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reviews for their co-hosting duties. jodie foster drew laughs and tears for her emotional acceptance speech talking about coming out. we'll have a complete golden globes wrap-up a little later. >> fascinating speech by jodie foster last night on a couple of levels. she talked about a lot of things in her life. always a fun party at the globes. >>> time for a look at weather across the country. as we start another workweek. a frigid morning from l.a. to vegas and phoenix. we don't say that a lot. snow showers in the central and northern rockies. light rain from seattle to portland. heavy rain from louisiana to the carolinas. up to 20 degrees warmer than normal here in the northeast. >> yes. 57 here in new york. 60 in baltimore. mostly 20s across the midwest. a biting minus 2 in fargo. ouch. teens in the rockies. >>> and coming up next after the break, back to the future, as a detroit muscle car returns with a roar. we'll show you the new corvette. >>> then, crucial information for computer users. there's now a fix for a serious security flaw. >>> and a blockbuster deal in the works fo
affleck's big night at the golden globes, giving him the last laugh. and jodie foster delivers one of the most unusual award speeches ever. >> it was an interesting night. >> i like that one. >>> but first, a battle over billions in aid to sandy victims heads to capitol hill. opponents say the new bill has too much pork and would only add to the federal deficit. >> that's not sitting well with republicans and democrats from the northeast. here's abc's david kerley. >> i need help so bad. >> reporter: 2 1/2 months and the victims of sandy and their representatives have had enough. >> they have suffered long enough. they need to hear from their government. >> reporter: they are helping. but in chunks. congress passed more than $9 billion in aid a week ago. but the states and the president have asked for another $50 billion. instead, the house plan calls for just $17 billion for what it calls emergency aid. >> absurd! absolutely absurd! we demand nothing less than we have given the rest of the country. >> reporter: and surprisingly, some republicans are from hurricane regions. one fro
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"nightlight" comes on right after jimmy. >> jodie foster creates a load of buzz last night at >> coming up today on "katie" a berkeley student who says her parents sold her into sexual slavery at the age seven. she has star power helping her out as an advocate. >> eating too much fast food is not just making kids overweight but it is catching. >> how oakland will move forward and deal with deadly violence. that is at abc7 at 4:00 and 5:00. >> and jodie foster referenced her sexual orientation for the first time. >> i did my coming out a thousand years ago back in the stone age. those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family and co-workers and gradually, proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met. but, now, i am told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a prime time reality show. >> she received an award. and the publicist said she is not retiring despite refusing comments at the end of her speech last night. >> best picture brought another surprise at
and losers, in an evening with a lot of winners, it was jody foster who was the talk of the golden globes. we'll tell you why coming up. >>> plus, lance armstrong on the verge of making a tv confession, the latest word on his upcoming oprah interview. we'll have that coming up, too. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your w
awards. we've got the surprises and the snubs. plus, the moment that is heating up twitter. jody foster's very passionate speech and this interview that literally caused -- >> if somebody is out there actually saying it when it comes to the word [ bleep ], that the fact that i was using it in the movie more than it was used. >> in just about 15 minutes we will find out the car of the year from the detroit auto show. will history be made m motorcity? >>> we got a packed show for you. lynn finelli from the cdc, colin goddard, he survived the virginia tech shooting, pam simon, she survived the tucson massacre, roxanna green, her 9-year-old daughter christina was killed during that tucson massacre. senator chris murphy will join us. former presidential candidate and ambassador john huntsman will be our guest. west virginia senator joe manchin is with us. former florida congressman connie mack joins me, and actor steven michael pozatta from "breaking bad." "starting point" comes to you live with special coverage from newtown, connecticut. we begin right now. ♪ >>> morning. welcome, everybo
morning america" starting at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> jodie foster is dominating social media after accepting the special award where she publicly referenced her sexual orientation for the first time. >> i did my coming out a thousand years ago back in the stone age in those...very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family and co-workers and gradually proudly to everyone who knew her and everyone she met but now, i am told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of the private life with a press conference, fragrance and a prime time reality show. >> she went on to talk about being a private person although she has lived her life in the public eye. >> best picture brought another surprise at the golden globe awards. >> it goes to...argo. >> the hostage thriller directed by ben affleck beat out lincoln and zero dark thirty and ben affleck got honors for argo and other winners included les miserables for best picture, musical or comedy. and jessica choose -- chastain for zero dark thirty and daniel day-lewis for lincoln and you can
prevailed in the best drama up category as well as best actor. jodie foster received a cecil b. demille award for her 47 years and the service. >> i was telling you the jodie foster is 50 because as a 47 your achievement. she has been doing this since she was 3. >> will be back with more and a minute. >> president obama will be holding a press conference at 815 this morning. we hear he will be making remarks about his final weeks of his first term in part in his presidency. his second term begins one week from today. another developing story and maryland more than 20 experts will be meeting at a summit on reducing the imbalance and america. new york city michael bloomberg will be speaking. tomorrow vice president bided well offer his recommendations of the white house on how to deal with gun violence in the u.s.. >> residents and the town conn are facing a difficult decision one month after the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school. should the building be torn down turned to the mehserle museum or should be reopened? residents packed a high school auditorium to discuss the iss
and jessica chastain won best actress in a drama for her role in "zero dark thirty." but it was jodie foster's acceptance award for lifetime achievement award that has tinseltown buzzing. john blackstone has more. >> reporter: one of hollywood's most glamorous nights also had plenty of laughs. >> kathryn bigelow nominated tonight. i haven't really been following the controversy over "zero dark thirty," but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who spent three years married to james cameron. >> reporter: two of entertainment's funniest women tina fey and amy poehler, teamed up to host the 70th annual golden globe awards while competing for best actress in a tv comedy. >> everybody's getting a little loose now that we're all losers. >> yeah. congratulations, lena. >> reporter: but the night belonged to edge-of-your-seat thrillers from "homeland." >> and the golden globe goes to "homeland." >> claire danes, "homeland." >> to the escape drama, "argo." >> best motion picture, "argo." >> ben affleck, "argo." >> these nominees are exceptional talents. i truly to god neve
. because our focus is you. >>> back at 7:42, with a look at the huge reaction to jodie foster's emotional speech sunday night at the golden globes. she took to the stage for the lifetime achievement award. in doing so, put up a lifetime of feelings. >> i'm going to put it out there. >> jodie foster, unguarded and fiercely candid. >> i am single. >> reporter: on stage, accepting the cecil b. demille lifetime achievement award for nearly seven minutes. captivating and emotional. >> i did my coming out about 1,000 years ago, in the stone a age. those quaint days when a fragile girl would open up to friends and family. >> reporter: she openly thanked her partner and co-parent, sidney bernard. >> my expartner in love. >> reporter: and paid homage to the son they share. >> i'm so proud of our modern family. our amazing sons, charlie and kip. >> reporter: it was foster's most public acknowledgment of the relationship. she thanked her beautiful sydney, but never clarified what that meant. jesse tyler ferguson, tweeting, jodie foster, you are perfection. i love you. comedienne kathy griffin, her s
is the daddy? coming up a new report identifies one of jodie foster's leading men as the father of her two children. >> but up next new details surrounding the saga of that notre dame football star who said he had a girl friend who ne >>> man, oh, man, this thing just keeps on growing and changing, new developments in the manti te'o fake online girl friend story. now espn is reporting the man originally linked to pulling the hoax on the notre dame football star admitted to a friend he staged the whole thing, but even if that's true an associated press review of news coverage found that te'o mentioned his girl friend in at least two interviews even after the school says he found out that she was not real. te'o has yet to publicly comment on the hoax. >>> the associated press reports grammy winner alicia keys will sing the national anthem before super bowl xlvii. the official announcement hasn't been made, but if that's true, keys would follow in the footsteps such as arete franklin, mariah carey -- such as aretha franklin, mariah carey and whitney houston. the super bowl takes place sunday,
of how six american diplomats were rescued from tehran. actress jodie foster was honored in a lifetime achievement award -- with a lifetime achievement award. in a moving speech, she confirmed long-running speculation that she is gay. this year marty award's 70th anniversary. the golden globes are thought to be a key -- this year marked the awward's 70th anniversary. the golden globes are thought to be a key indicator of the oscars. >> there were no upsets in the first round of the australian open. >> all of the top seeds have progressed. novak djokovic beat paul henri- mathieu. maria sharapova needed under an hour to dispatch puchkova. >> we are going to a short break. when we come back, the tunisian state auctions off the dictators luted wealth -- >> thanks for staying with us. >> welcome back. to india, where five men charged with king raping a student who later died have -- with ganggrapin -- gang-raping a student who later died have appeared in court. >> police arrested another five men for allegedly abducting and raping a 29-year-old woman in punjab. more rape cases are now comin
the affection of jodie foster. he pled insanity and images were used for the very first time in this case. they used to support the diagnosis that he was psychotic. he heard voices, hallucinations, delusions. the images at the time or something called -- we know that it is not diagnostic now. it is a risk faster -- factor. you are more likely to develop these types of illnesses. but he was found insane based on this information and sentenced to an insane asylum. he has now been released, starting in 2009, to a thousand -- 2010. he is well treated and managed. they told me i had to go away faster. if you happen to have schizophrenia or you hear voices or hallucinations, it is with 99% certainty that i can show that your brain is different. if you have schizophrenia -- just pretend. what do you see that is different? these areas are much different, much more engaged. you might see there is a lot more blue as well in this map. look at this area. it is very different than that area, much more engaged. if you have a bipolar illness, you are different than if you have schizophrenia. they could
ones making headlines. jodie foster anyone? "newsroom" starts now. >>> good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm carol costello. >>> at this very moment a california law maker is unveiling legislation that could chip away at the power of the nation's gun industry. he'll explain in just a moment. first, here's a look at what's in the cross hairs. it's a 2005 law that grants wide legal i community mmunity to gud dealers. no one else in the country enjoys this protection. it shields the industry from lawsuits involving shooting victims, everything from faulty designs to negligent sales practices that put guns in the wrong hands. the nra says it merely guards against frivolous lawsuits aimed at breaking gun makers. he joins us live in this exclusive interview. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> ted kennedy said this law was bought and paid for by the nra. in your mind, what was the intent behind this law? >> the time it was passed, there were a number of suits, predominantly by municipalities against the gun industry meant to attack against the sale of saturday night specia
and worst moments from hollywood's big night. jodie foster's coming-out speech and even bill clinton surprised the crowd at the golden globes. >>> obama's immigration reform, biden's violence reducing gun measures, and check out these incredible images, mother nature and all her glory. iff ful "first look" begins now. stars of tv and film turned out for the golden globes on sunday where we saw a pair of new hosts, a few surprising wins and some memorable acceptance speeches. >> reporter: good morning. ben affleck and kathryn bigelow had a lot riding on the golden globes, because they had been shut out in the oscar race, in the end it was ben affleck who won and he won big. >> the golden globe goes to -- >> it was a real thriller hostage. >> "argo." >> and argo's director, ben affleck, also won, days after being snubbed by a nomination for the academy awards. >> i don't care what the award is, when they put your name against the names she just read off, it's an extraordinary thing. >> jessica chastain won best actress for "zero dark thirty." and best actor to daniel day-lewis for "lin
million. "gangster quad" was third. >>> surprises and upsets at the golden globe awards. jody foster was honored with a lifetime achievement award. in her speech she came out as a lesbian. she has been out for years to close friends and colleagues. the thriller "argo" took over "lincoln". >>> best comedy or musical. less miserbles, actress in a drama jessica chastain for "zero dark 30" actress jennifer lawrence for "silver linings playbook." we'll be right back. western australia. a gigantic "red wave >>> take a look at this. a scary blackout or a redout for a family on a beach in australia. a gigantic red wave was captured on video. it swept across the australian coast, hiding the sun causing everything to go dark. meteorologist say dry conditions on the ground and heavy winds caused the dust storm. wow! >> that is it for us, "game day" is next. he sitting is over there. >> come on, come on. [ laughter ] i have evidence that proves my dad's a space alien. he speaks a weird language. [ gargling ] [ gargling ] he drinks green stuff. he says he's from
what he had done and jodie foster acknowledging she is lesbian, oh waited, that is what happened. >> oprah. >> jon: all right. >> gore vidal we're the united states of amnesia, americans are forgiving type. are we going to forgive and forget. >> i feel the problem with lance armstrong is vehement denials and accusations against other people and it crosses the line a little bit with lot of people. >> lots of lawsuits. he has hundred million dollars, that is a deep pocket for somebody. >> the interview was just weird. when he said, all the critics like, i called her a liar but i didn't call her that. >> oprah loved that one. >> jon: and he talked about that generation as though it was some long ago era. [ laughter ] >> jon: it was bizarre. >>
reagan. what are you trying to do impress jody foster? [ laughter ] the president should focus on the strengthening the poll swiz know -- policies we know make us safe like making sure nobody brings tweezers on to an airplane. he knew it wasn't going to pass the smell test sew stoopped to surrounding himself with children. like this confused boy, joey. he loves trains. it was a transparent appeal to our humanity. luckily rush limb bawp doesn't have any. >> obama uses kids as human shields. he bringses these kids who wrote, supposedly, letters to the white house avenuetown to bring them up up there if show support among the children. you've got these little kids there. they don't want to die. and how can you not listen to them? >> stephen: you are being manipulated, america. boorks-hoo i want -- boo-hoo, i want to good to disney land. i want toll get a pony. i want to live to see another day. grow up. i want to grow up. i find it hard to believe these are the only letters obama gets from kids and so does steve doocy. he and he should know he read it's third grade level. >> one o
. >> welcome, indeed. >> why yes. >> up next a golden night at golden globes. big winners and jody foster's candid speech everyone is talking brks today. >> then, the coroner changes official cause of death for actress natalie wood. >> and taking a look at traffic now, cars heading northbound. both directions moving well now. stay with us. >>> welcome news for fans and business owners san jose sharks tickets go on sale wednesday at 10:00 a.m. >> you can go hp pavilion, crews painted lines on the lice. logo comes next. first home game is on thursday, january 24th. first game of the season, total in this season. >> it's one of the biggest parties in holly woo.d golden globe awards. >> yes. surely a night to remember. >> hollywood still buzzing today after golden globe awards. argo won best motion picture. back stage, reporters asked being snubbed for a directing nomination. >> we got nominated for seven oscars including best picture and i'm thrilled fchl you're not happy with that your prospects for long term happiness are probably thin. hathaway won best actor and supporting actress. a can
by actress jodie foster when she reached out toer 84-year-old mother who suffers from dementia. >> i love you. i love you. i love you. i hope that if i say this three times it will magically and perfectly enter into your soul, fill you with grace and the joy of know that you did good in this life, you're a great mom. please take that with you when you're finally okay to go. >> foster was honored tonight with the cecil b. award for lifetime achievement. the biggest surprise guest, there he is. president bill clinton who introduced the movie "lincoln." daniel day-lewis who played the role of lincoln won best actor in a drama tonight. the host of tonight's award show poked harmless fun at themselves and the nominees giving the show a much lighter atmosphere than the last few years when ricky gervais hosted. after the awards are the parties, right? nbc universal after party is drawing the crowd, partly because of the weather. what's going on? >> reporter: diane, i would show you my dress if it was even ten degrees warmer, but me wearing this is really a last resort. it is cold. everybody is calli
. >> john: that was jodie foster announcing her new series on current. of course i'm kidding. joining me now to help mick sense that have speech is politico median and create of the dean, dean obeidal lah and jody gold, and scott blakeman, thank you for joining me tonight. i love the speech, and i they will issues like sexuality and privacy are deeply political. anyone who wants to be secret about their sexuality is their right. let me join with you. >> you know, add the lesbian as the lesbian on the panel. >> i could pass as k.d. language language. >> especially with that hair. first she's being honored for her body of work. why don't we discuss that? it's been such an incredible journey, and people can say that--but when she started talking-- >> she should have ended own the, i'm single. but she was chastising these people about coming out and that's what she did. >> this was the oscars. it was the award for her work. it's a platform she has not had before. these are the journalist who is have been openly speculating about her sexuality for decades. do you think she has the rig
-- >> stephanie: yes, that's why i am depressed, because clearly jodie foster broke up with me. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it makes me weepy and tired. >> that's why you have been drinking burden all weekend [ glugging sound ] >> stephanie: exactly. let's go to david in california. >> caller: good morning, momma. i love you guys and i love that commercial. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: what i want to say is regarding the debt ceiling why doesn't the president go ahead and implement article 14 of the constitution, and if the republicans want to take this to court, let's go. let's have this conversation. let's explain to the american people why you racked up two wars unpaid for, tax breaks for rich people unpaid for, but you don't want to pay the bills. >> stephanie: exactly. i'm not sure what the white house is -- even on guns -- even any kind of mention of what the president might do on guns they are already talking about impeachment. that's the times we're in. twenty nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ show, to be able to come
. >> reporter: still, the biggest bombshell of the night from jodie foster, accepting a lifetime achievement award. >> i am single. >> reporter: she spoke candidly about her private life. coming out publicly. >> i'm told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life. with a press conference, a fragrance and a primetime reality show. there is no way i could stand here without acknowledging one of the deepest partners in life. many my ex-partner. thank you, cyd. >> reporter: it was a speech that awed the crowd. >> tonight, we're going home with jodie foster. >> reporter: such an amazing night. everybody agrees, there's something magic in the air. coming up, we'll talk fashion. i have a very fun interview with none other than adele. elizabeth? >> i can't wait for that. getting back to the jodie foster moment. i watched from home. i remember e-mailing you last night saying, holy cow, we have to do something on it. it was the most moving speech. >> it was brilliant and it was really real. >> and honest. pretty incredible. >>> it was chilly out in l.a. last night. uns
somebody gives a long winded almost inexplicable speech. this year it was jodie foster. last year it was warren beatty how these other guys like jack nicholson and clint eastwood could keep going so late in life. your thoughts. what was that speech about by jodie foster, ted? >> i do think it was coming out. i think she made it -- >> is that what it was? >> yeah, i think it was coming out. but it was also i think a lot of talk about why she has really guarded her privacy for so long. >> that's an argument we'll have the rest of our lives. privacy versus telling everybody who you are. i'm sort of with the privacy crowd. i like that part of it. look. let me ask you about this political theme. you used to say once you did a movie about politics or baseball, it died. there was a theory we may spend a lot of time doing those things, but they don't work in the movies. what has changed? you first, ted. >> i think these movies are much better marketed than they used to be. just take a movie "lincoln," which is over 100 million at the box office. the buildup started right after the electio
lee jones. maybe he's laughing on the inside. most emotional, honest and open? jodie foster. >> i am -- single. >> reporter: cruelest joke? >> i haven't really been following the controversy over "zero dark thirty" but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who spent three years married to james cameron. >> reporter: best reference to saint meryl streep? >> meryl streep is not here tonight. she has the flu. and i hear she's amazing in it. >> reporter: worst reference to saint meryl? >> what does this say? i beat meryl. >> reporter: most presidential? daniel day lewis. also nominated, bill clinton. >> what an exciting special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband! >> reporter: and the best dressed nomination? clooney, clooney, clooney and the winner is clooney. most beautiful, tina fey. it's my award, i decide. and best acceptance speech by a new mom who, let's face it, doesn't get out much these days, adele. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and you can write nick your thoughts at "nightline" at its new time,
in a drama, but it was jodie foster who brought the night's most dramatic moments. accepting a lifetime achievement award, the notoriously private actress got personal. >> loud and proud, right? so i'm going to support on this. i am single. i already did my coming out about 1,000 years ago. >> then brought a-listers to tears with a touching message to her 84-year-old mother. >> i know you're inside those blue eyes somewhere. i love you, i love you, i love you. >> i think this was one of the first times we really saw her humanize herself. >> reporter: a dramatic night full of big winners. >> "les miserables". >> reporter: and plenty of golden moments. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, hollywood. >> and back here in new york, that's our broadcast on a monday night, as we start a new week. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams, and of course, we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. >>> noit now at 6:00 weather woes. the bay area in a cold winter blast. >> what will it take to stop the violence? leaders spar over what needs to be done to make oakland safe.
still upset "silence of the lambs" didn't get nomination. my favorite moment is jodie foster and came out and sort of explained she was gay, but we knew that. she went on and op and on about it. she made a good point which is that the stars seem to have big press conference to announce they're gay. yeah. we have a s.o.t.? >> holds that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private less with a press conference, frag raps and a primetime reality show. if you had been a public figure by the time you were a toddler and fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, maybe then you, too, might value privacy above all else. >> andrea: by the way, she is still speaking. >> dana: i liked it. >> bob: i went and looked at it. i didn't watch the show. what can be more boring -- >> kimberly: bob goes this is my favorite moment. i didn't watch it. >> bob: i listen to her. went back and -- >> kimberly: confirmed that in the goalkeepe green room. >> andrea: i liked at the end when they talked about her mom. >> kimberly: that is when she cried. >> dana: esp
, but even jodie foster was, like, you should wrap it up. everyone was talking about how cold it was on the "golden globes" red carpet. temperatures in the low 50s. in fact, it was so cold ryan seacrest had to get his hair defrosted. >>> well, it looks like tina fey and amy poehler may have a new annual gig. the hosting duo scored the highest ratings for nbc and the golden globes since 2007. now the pressure's on first-time oscar host seth mcfarlane who said it doesn't matter how i do. oscar hosts always threat thrashed. everyone in the room was surprised wh e surprised. spielberg pitched the idea to his presidential buddy last week. clinton was later seen chatting up jennifer lopez and connie britain at the after-parties. >>> damian lewis was seen dancing gangnam style after the awards show. while the cia probably would frown on that may have, we're going to let it slide for that one night. >>> a new report from the l.a. county coroner's office says actress natalie wood sustained bruising prior to entry in the water on the night she drowned in 1981, but the medical examiner s
wins for best drama and best director. another shocker from lifetime achievement award winner jodie foster. she strongly suggested that she was calling it quits from acting. >> this feels like the end of one era and the beginning of something else. scary and exciting. now what? well, i will never be up on the stage again on any stage for that matter. change, you got to love it. >> maybe not, though. she later reversed course and says she has no plans to retire. little confusing there. >> a look at the red carpet winners. that is your 5@5:30. >> vice president joe biden is getting ready to make recommendations on how to reduce gun violence. doug luzader is live in washington with that. >>> the nra says new gun control laws that ban weapons are not going to happen. we will see. if it is a growing consensus it will ab congressional battle. the vice president spent the later part of the week voting for and against new gun control laws. gun rights groups including the nra think their ranks of supporters in congress will hold strong. >> i will say the likelihood is they are not going to b
's biggest moment belonging to jodie foster, speaking candidly about her personal life and future plans in hollywood. for "teen kids news," i'm eric shawn, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> we've reported on concussions fo with the popularity of high-impact sports, head injuries sideline teens all too often. but as scott reports, there's now a new way to help them get back in the game safely. >> i went sliding out to basically make a play and ended up, the next thing i knew is the ball was kind of behind me. i didn't know what happened, and my head hurt a lot. >> anthony had been kicked in the head. the high school sophomore had the classic signs of a concussion. >> i had a headache. i was nauseous for a little bit. really slow, it kind of took me a while to get used to kind of moving again. >> players and coaches are becoming more aware that head injuries are serious and can take a long time to heal. >> in fact, the aftereffects are not just limited to the playing field. >> occasionally, during school, when i went back, i'd start getting a headache when taking a test or doing lon
news, beverly hills. >>> jodie foster received the cecil b. demille award. she talked about her sexuality during her acceptance speech. she came out to friends and family about 1,000 years ago. that was a rambling speech. >> she didn't come out and say it but she implied because it's something that's been talked about for a long time but man, she deserves that lifetime achievement award. >> i felt for spielberg too. >> i know. >> lincoln one out of what, 7, 6? >> daniel day-lewis, he earned that one. >> he is going to win the oscar too but i think that was the best movie. >>> 4:57. rising violence a dwindling police. the calls to bring out the national guard in the city of okayed. >> plus, with this cold weather, a questionable fashion statement. take a look. why people rode bart without wearing pants. >> the bay area waking up to chilly temperatures. 29 degrees in walnut creek where we are and we are right in the middle of this cold snap. more on those temperatures coming up. weekend in oakland. nearly a dozen people are s >> your realtim
. the reason he shot him is he wanted to get jodi foster's attention. now, i mean you look apt these kind of things, and the guy who killed people tragically in newtown was using his mother's guns. so the background check wouldn't have done any good. the young man in new mexico who killed his family-- tragically-- had actually been given the guns by his father to protect the family. i think we have to look at what's really going on and not just rush in to a 20-year-old idea that didn't work. by the way gun murders have gone down since the assault weapons ban ended. there are fewer gun murders today since the ban ended. >> schieffer: i want to ask both of you to stick around because i want to talk to you about the republican party and how it's trying to rethink what it is and where it goes from here. but we'll do that on page two. i'm going to be back with more from our guests on "face the nation." and in a moment, i'll have some thoughts on women in the military. ♪ ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxe
of the more serious moments came when jodie foster accepted her lifetime achievement award. she delivered a touching speech about the 47 years in the movie business and joked about her usually very private personal life. >> now apparently i'm told every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a reality show. you guys might be surprised, but i'm not honey boo boo child. i'm sorry. that's not me. never was, and never will be. please don't cry, because my reality show would be so boring. i would have to make out with with someone, spank daniel craig's bottom just to stay on the air. not bad work if you can get it. >> she was great. >> that was a great speech. >>> still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your star-studded tweets, texts and e-mails are next. "morning joe" moments away. [ male announcer ] no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] ♪ you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. [ snores ] vicks nyquil. powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ [ sniffles, coughs ] excuse me. i need
: in the most emotional speech of the night, jodie foster alluded to her sexuality, saying she came out years ago to friends and family but made a plea for privacy. >> if you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler, if you had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds then maybe then you too might value privacy above all else. >> jodie foster's speech was mind blowingly beautiful. >> reporter: backstage the night's winners said they understood foster's desire for privacy. >> because our job is to transform and to play all different kinds of characters i believe it's my job to try to stay as private as possible. so i really connected to that part of her speech. >> "argo." >> reporter: in the case of "argo," winning is the best revenge. not only did the film win best drama but ben affleck won for best director after being passed over in the oscar nominations. affleck didn't seem too upset. >> to frame it as being about like the nomination i didn't get, like i also didn't get the acting nomination. notice no one
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